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True Info of Great Azerbaijani Republic for Eurovision Interestness!

Eurovison Songkontest is funny goodtime, but true information is evident in need about greatness of Shining Azerbaijani Republic and glorious Azerbaijani people, so that bad uninformation propaganda shall not have triumph in great fatherland! This is the why we have preparation for this infopostcard for foreign Eurovisioners.

Hello, European foreigner! I am Ghilem from True Information Bureau of Great Prosperous Azerbaijani Republic, long live wise glorious President İlham Heydər oğlu Əliyev!
Radiant benevolence radiates in a radiating manner from noble visage of careful leader of fatherland.

Azerbaijan: land of beauty. Did you aware that Wonderful Azerbaijani Republic is most beautiful post-Soviet Caucasian country? Perhaps you not knew this fact, but is alright. We choose not righteously take avenge on your pitiful ignoranciation. But is fact still: Azerbaijan is being proven with science to be most beautiful regional country in region!

Azerbaijan: land of truth. Now that you introductory know fact about Great Azerbaijani Republic, we have craving to welcoming you to Eurovision Song Contest in Bakucapital on year 2012! Bakucapital is capital city of Magnificent Azerbaijani Republic and is based in calculation proof to be best and wealthiest Bakucapital in World! 

Dynamic Bakucapital architecture is daily inspiration for happy Bakucitizens who take joy in living in modern metropolis of harmonious national purpose!

Azerbaijan: land of prosperity. When foreign person arrive in Baku-capital then he is usual to being in awe of awesomeness of businesscity that is very hipmodern and quality. Buildings is high! Many skyscrapers proclaim Azerbaijani prosperity and architecture genius for admiring world to see. These buildings are gift from respected former President hero Heydər Əliyev

Heydər Əliyev is greatest hero of the human history that show Prosperous Azerbaijani Republic to way of even more prosperousity. He was taken off from loving public in 2003 because of the death of himself, but people have joy in fact that his son is now President for long time!
Azerbaijan: land of talent. Factquestion: did you know current intellect President of Good Azerbaijani Republic is İlham Əliyev that retaining genius capability to be son of Heydər Əliyev? Now awareness of this great fact belongs to you, so reflect in solemn fashion! Əliyev is supertalented, is proven, by fact that father and son both are President!

Azerbaijan: land of future. Azerbaijan locates in crossroad of east and west – very good position! Natural gas prosperity guarantees golden future for Azerbaijani glorious people who enjoy dancing and other traditionals.

Future is the prosperity of orderly harmony that is of defiance of narrow Western concept like individualism that is unpatriotic! Marble shine on glorious future in Bakucapital, gift of generous President Əliyev.

Azerbaijan: land of tradition. Azerbaijan is traditionally rich in colorful local tradition that vary slightly from region to an another region yet with no threatening to greatness of national unity supported by goodnature President Əliyev.

Azerbaijani Great Government Minister for Foreigners Entertainments and Relationing is good personal friend of America Obama! See also how wife of minister representing Azerbaijani womens beauty. Not at all like ugly Armenian bitch!
Azerbaijan: land of harmony. Disfortunately, anti-Azerbaijani treasonous evil terrorist create false lies with aim of please foreign infiltrator, spyperson, conspiracys and other evil foreign scum (exclude friendly tourist and business foreigners that come to enjoy Azerbaijani Azerbaijan for leisure & mutual profit). These lies are spread in many communication arenas to hurt goodfun President Əliyev and Azerbaijani people. Treasonous anti-Azerbaijani terrorist conspiracy saying many propagandas to ignorant foreigners who think freedom is good for being chaos and sinful selfish crime! Azerbaijani people loves harmony in great native nation and stand united with demigod President Əliyev in creatoning bright future prosperity harmony for whole mankind! No believe propaganda rubbish! Azerbaijanis replace corrupt liberalism with national harmony – is no repression, is ethnic enjoy!

Holy shit, is BIG! Almost like metaphor of Azerbaijan: land of general greatness.
Azerbaijan: land of fucking huge flag. Just taking look of flag, foreign personalities! Is huge! Is size of football field! Only greatest united harmony nation capable of creationing such wonder! So, when visiting Eurovision Song Contest, no politics! Politics make for division in people fabric that belongs together, like seriously fucking massive flag of Great Azerbaijani Republic. So make remembrance: no politics in Eurovision, just respect fucking supersize flag of Perfect Azerbaijani Republic. Don’t’lets nationality divide our brotherhood spirit like evil Armenian criminal scum want to!

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